"I'm Looking For A Few More Of My 
DREAM Clients..."
"If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You On A Planning Session To Help You Double Your Traffic, Conversions And Sales With A Funnel Marketing Plan!"

Ben Oberg says,

"Rob and his team have gone above and beyond all my expectations from the Planning Session to the over delivery of all the Funnels...."
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Why "Funnels" Are:
The Closest Thing To FREE MONEY You'll Ever See!
If you get accepted for a FREE Planning Session, this is how it will work:

and go over what you've already got...
  • What are you selling?
  • What does your sales funnels look like?
  • How are you generating traffic/leads?
  • What are you doing on the backend and with your follow up?
  • What do you want to achieve moving forward...
And it's really that simple...
Once we have that information, we will do some market research and if I think we can help you then we will set up a time to go over it together!
So, how’s this going to work?

It’s really simple. Once approved we’ll book in a planning session and identify what your business goals and objectives are, what you’re current systems are and then create a custom marketing funnel plan for how you can automate the whole process.

It’ll be fun - and I can guarantee we’ll identify some immediate opportunities to generate some QUICK cash…

At the end of the session - you’ll have your bespoke custom plan mapped out for you. It’s yours!

Of course, there are a few options for you at this point.

#1 - You actually hate the plan and feel that I’ve wasted your time. This almost certainly won’t be the case (it’s never happened so far). I’ll apologise profusely and be very embarrassed for wasting your time.

#2 - You love the plan, and decide to build it out yourself or hire someone to build it for you. That’s totally cool with me and I wish you the best of luck with it.

#3 - You love the plan, and decide we’re a good fit so we can build it out together. I’ll get to work right away to knock it out of the park for you!

How Fast You Can Scale A Funnel
When It's "Right..."
You could literally be a few small tweaks away from a winner...

There is a good chance you do not currently have a funnel in place and on our Planning Session we will look at all the ways to grow your business.

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even QUADRUPLING your business... but do you know which ones?
I can show you inside...
A Few Words of Warning!

First  Thing to Remember

I don't accept monkeys... or anyone who's not serious or willing to put their money where their mouth is. 

Don't apply if you don't understand that it takes money to grow your business and the funnel marketing plan I give you will require some investment to work. 

Second  Thing to Remember

Experience trumps all. If you aren't coachable, then I don't want a Planning Session with you... period.

Third  Thing to Remember

If you forget this than you might as well have forgotten everything I've told you so far. 

Often times it's doing a better job looking after the clients you already have that makes the difference... 
If THIS is You Than You've come to the right place. There's nothing left to do but apply.
You can see the button below to apply for a planning session.

The application process is free but as I have said before I cannot help everyone, on the next page I will require that you answer a few basic questions about your business, so I can get to know you a little better.

Please complete the application with as much information as possible and then once I have this information I will do some market research to see if I feel I can help you.

If your application for a Planning Session is approved, we will contact you to schedule a skype/zoom call.

Let me close by thanking you for reading this letter and for applying.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Robert Murray
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